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What is a Microsoft Modern Desktop?

The Modern Desktop, or Modern Workplace, provides employees with the latest productivity tools, enabling them to work securely from anywhere. This approach is possible with Microsoft 365, Microsoft’s productivity cloud that brings together the best-in-class Office apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security. Microsoft 365 is comprised of three core solutions; Microsoft Office, Enterprise Mobility + Security(EMS), and Windows 10/11. Together, they create the powerful Microsoft Modern Desktop solution that enables your team to do their best work from anywhere.

Before you move to this cloud-centric approach, speak with us and we can help your organization outline a multi-step migration strategy for the adoption of the Modern Desktop.  A well thought-out approach will ensure your business experiences the efficiency, productivity, and security benefits this powerful solution offers.

Moving to a Modern Desktop means three things:

  1. Upgrading from a legacy Windows like Windows 7 to Windows 10/11, or refreshing with new Windows 10/11 devices
  2. Moving from perpetual Office to the rich client applications of Office 365 ProPlus
  3. IT teams adopting a “stay current” process utilizing Windows and Office servicing to deploy regular security and feature updates.

Can My Business Benefit from the Cloud?

Yes! The cloud can benefit all businesses, but as you know, every business has different requirements and needs. It should also be noted that not all clouds are similar. Here are the three types of clouds that are available:

  • Public cloud: operated and managed by third-party cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure. Their entire cloud resources are managed by the provider, which has many great benefits!

  • Private cloud: operated & managed by your company. This cloud can be located at your office or a datacenter. All updates, security, and distribution is handled by your own resources

  • Hybrid cloud: as you guessed, this is a mixture of both public and private cloud solutions. Usually these are setup to collaborate with each other and are a great solution

As mentioned, each business is different and a cloud solution that works for one business, will not always be the best for yours. One thing is a certainty, the quicker a business adopts a cloud infrastructure, the quicker they’ll be able to benefit from the increased availability, scalability, costs, and security.

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